Why it might pay to go private for your health needs…

Why it might pay to go private for your health needs…

We all know that the NHS does an amazing job in so many ways at keeping the health of the nation as pristine as possible.  However, with a free service often comes longer waiting times when it comes to appointments or tests.

While the NHS has a framework that identifies how long people should have to wait for an appointment or even an operation, it can often be much longer than you want it to be.  Even a week’s wait can seem too long if you want answers now.

This is why private medical insurance can be a good way to jump queues and get treatment a lot faster.

The Cheapest Life Insurance takes a look at some of the pros and cons of private medical insurance, hopefully highlighting why it may pay you go to private.

Private medical insurance offers you special treatment when you need it.  This may be something simple like a blood test requested by your Doctor or it could be an operation.  The latter can mean you need to wait for a time to go into hospital.  With private treatment you have more control.  You can choose the hospital you wish to be treated in and you will not have to wait for a time to visit.  You can literally get seen very quickly.

Even with outpatient appointments, you can get benefit from going private.  Tests can be done quickly and at your own convenience.

With cover you can also choose the specialist you want for your situation.

These are all amazing benefits where it comes to private medical insurance, all of which obviously aren’t going to available to you as easily on the NHS.

One of the biggest issues of course is cost.  Private Medical Insurance does cost money.  Pru Health offers the Vitality programme which requires a monthly payment that can vary.  Someone may only pay £30 a month depending on the level of cover they’ve chosen, while someone else could pay £55 a month because they’ve opted for additional benefits. However, by paying in you are guaranteed to get the help you need when it arises.

Private Health Insurance does allow you to customise your cover somewhat, which could include various factors.

You also get cancer cover when you take out private health insurance of course, which can be a great comfort to people who want to ensure they are covered for every eventuality.

As we’ve suggested, the NHS does a great job, but if you want medical treatment immediately and you want the flexibility of getting into a hospital more quickly it could pay to go private.

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