Which body shape are you?

Which body shape are you?

fruit backgroundIt’s fair to say that everyone looks different and actually we really do come in all shapes and sizes. But are there similarities in our body types that may help us dress or exercise certain areas. Can we change our body shape or are we born with one that’s predetermined? The Cheapest Life Insurance looks in to body shapes…

You may have a different body shape to your friends or you might be someone whose body looks similar to that of their Mum or Sister. It’s been suggested that defining your body shape will in turn help you to tailor a work out that works best for you. The Cheapest Life Insurance looks at four main body types.

Are you a pear? Pears carry most weight on their bottom and thighs like Beyoncé or Rhianna.  A pear shape’s body workout can help them to avoid gaining weight and increase shoulder definition to even the body out. This can include running up and down hill or swimming.

Perhaps you are an apple? Apples tend to carry their weight on the torso and arms. They normally have great legs and a little bottom! People sporting this body shape include Catherine Zeta Jones and Drew Barrymore.  This might seem a little ironic but it’s important for apples to work on their core (central section). Trimming down your waist line and avoiding weight gain your tummy. As an apple it’s important to focus on those great legs and bottom! Your work out can have a focus on fat burning and toning! Avoid bulking up on top or you will lose your shape.

Could you be hourglass? Hourglass shape ladies are all about the curves! They have shapely chests and bottoms with a smaller waist. Well known hourglass figures include Nigella Lawson and Marilyn Monroe. If you’re an hourglass shape tailor your work out to include running or long-duration cardiovascular work. Your work out should aim to exercise your whole body as danger could come in gaining weight on your whole body and losing that slimmer waist line

What about tubular? Tabular women have a little waist definition with small chests and bottoms. Famous tubular figures include Cara Delevingne and Kiera Knightly. Tubular women can work on creating shape and curves by building up muscle mass.  This can include increasing calorie intake and doing work outs which focus on different body parts.

Whatever your body shape, there are different work outs and lifestyle choices that will work best for you.  Being born with a natural shape is hopefully something we can embrace. It may be that you long for a different body type but actually it’s about finding out what you can do to make the most of what you have. When it comes down to it it’s important for all of us to take note of the exercise we do and the food we eat, whatever our body shape, weight or size.  Body shapes may provide us with a great starting point but our choices will ultimately have a huge effect on our body and how we feel about it.

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