What is loud music doing to your hearing?

What is loud music doing to your hearing?

In a generation whereby listening to music with headphones and going to festivals have become the norm and need of millions of young people. We think it’s time to take a look at the effect of listening to loud music on your ears. Will new generations suffer hearing problems in later life? The Cheapest Life Insurance takes a look…

Spending long periods of time listening to loud music can cause permanent damage to your ears resulting in conditions such as tinnitus and hearing loss.

Tinnitus is a condition whereby people can hear a sound within their body rather than from outside sources. People often describe it as ‘ringing in the ears’, but it can include other sounds such as buzzing, hissing and whistling.  Tinnitus can affect people’s sleeping pattern and concentration in their daily routine.

According to an article published on the NHS website, a survey of 2,711 festival goers in 2008 found 84% of people questioned said they experienced dullness of hearing or ringing in the ears after listening to loud music. In the same article, Donna from Action on Hearing Loss says ‘These are the first signs of hearing damage’.

The sound of a jet plane taking off equals that of 140 decibels and shockingly, some of the music recorded near the open stage of a music festival has been recorded at just under this amount. No wonder our ears are suffering…

We can now listen to music using a wide variety of sources including our stereos, mobile phones, portable speakers, mp3 players and many more. The music industry is worth billions of pounds. It’s a world that is increasing in diversity and strength. In years to come it’s hard to fathom the amount of different ways you’ll be able to hear music and the variety of different artists you’ll have on your playlist.

How do we protect ourselves?

It seems obvious but using ear plugs could be a real saving grace when you’re listening to loud music. DJs have been protecting themselves for years with the use of earplugs. Earplugs can vary in price and style. You’ll be able to find reusable ones, ones that mold to your ear or even have them custom made. Most earplugs work by reducing the noise level that enters your ear which means you can listen to the music playing as is it but at a reduced volume.

If you are at a festival make sure you give your ears a break by taking some time out every now and again and avoid standing next to really loud speakers.

Music can bring immense pleasure to our busy lives; it can help to see us through the sad times as well as bringing to life the good times but remember to look after your hearing because once it’s gone it’s gone for good.

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