What counts as seven portions of fruit and vegetables a day?

What counts as seven portions of fruit and vegetables a day?

Researchers have now recommended eating more fruit and vegetables, and have found that by eating seven portions a day instead of the currently recommended five could improve people’s health!

In today’s blog, the Cheapest Life Insurance will look at what could go towards your seven a day and how you can get your portions in!

According to NHS choices, one portion of fruit and vegetables for an adult is 80g. When dried, fresh fruit weighs roughly 30g, which is also considered a portion. 150ml of pure fruit or vegetable juice also counts as one portion, which should be around one small glass.

However, in order to get your seven a day you will need to eat different vegetables and fruit as eating copious amounts of the same item doesn’t count.

What can be considered as a portion?

We have gone through and listed fruit and vegetables that count as one a day (according to NHS choices) in order to show what could be considered as a portion:


Fruits according to the NHS

Small Fruit Medium Fruit Large Fruit Dried Fruit
Two Plums One Apple Half a grapefruit One tablespoon of mixed fruit
Two Satsumas One Banana One slice of papaya Two Figs
Two Kiwi Fruit One Pear One 5cm slice of Melon Three prunes
Three Apricots One Orange One large slice of pineapple One heaped tablespoon of raisins currants or sultanas
Six Lychees Seven Strawberries or 14 Cherries One Nectarine Two  5cm slices of Mango One handful or dried banana chips


Vegetables according to the NHS


Green vegetables Cooked vegetables Salad vegetables Pulses and Beans (Count as a maximum of one a day)
Two broccoli spears  Three heaped tablespoons of carrots  Three sticks of celery  Three heaped tablespoons of baked beans
Four heaped tablespoons of kale Three heaped tablespoons of peas A 5cm piece of cucumber Three heaped tablespoons of haricot beans
Four heaped tablespoons of spinach Three heaped tablespoons of sweetcorn One medium tomato Three heaped tablespoons of cannellini beans
Four heaped tablespoons of spring greens or green beans  Eight cauliflower florets  Seven cherry tomatoes  Three heaped tablespoons of butterbeans or chickpeas

The NHS also advises that potatoes do not count towards your fruit and vegetables portion intake, as with yams, cassava and plantain. This is due to them being classified as nutritionally starchy.

Whether or not we will now be encouraged to eat 7 a day is unsure, but for more information on the current five a day recommended allowance please visits the NHS choices page: http://www.nhs.uk/Livewell/5ADAY/Pages/Portionsizes.aspx

The NHS also has a great 5 a day meal planner guide to help you fit in your fruit and vegetables! For more information on this please visit:


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