We’ve bought the cot but what about the life insurance?

We’ve bought the cot but what about the life insurance?

Many parents will begin buying baby items the moment a pregnancy has been confirmed.  However, if you are like lots of new parents, a life insurance policy probably wasn’t on the list.   In fact, purchasing life insurance during a new phase of life can perhaps be depressing.  However, by purchasing life insurance you are actually helping to secure your child’s future.  So if you’ve not thought about it before and your new born is now two, three, four or even older, it’s not too late to address the balance with a new policy.

When you don’t have a policy

Millions of people in the UK do not have life insurance.  However, if you have some kind of cover in place then you are going to be providing for your child financially.  This could equate to child care for your spouse after your gone or even funds for schooling.  The lists are endless but very valid. Remember with life insurance you are actually covering for the future.  That includes any salary you would have earned, the cost of your mortgage perhaps and your debts.

Not getting enough cover

Having any kind of life insurance is most likely going to be better than having none at all.  However, you should try and make sure you are fully covered if you can.  A simple calculation of your mortgage, your debts and any other money you’d like to put by will make sure you get enough cover for your needs.

Whatever reason you have for thinking about life insurance, chances are it’s down to the fact that you have brought a new life into the world and that you want to make sure they have the support they need if you are no longer around.

None of us like to think about dying early – it’s actually the last thing anyone wants to think about.  However, you wouldn’t drive a car without insurance and a lot of people won’t go without insurance for travel or their home.  So why should your life be any less important and less valuable?

It’s not tangible like a TV perhaps and in the worlds of John Lennon; “Life happens when you’re busy making other plans” but that’s the point.  Just because you can’t see your life does not give it any less value to those who you love and who love you.

If you would like to look at life insurance to cover your new born baby or you would like to see how much life insurance will cost you, why not contact The Cheapest Life Insurance for a free, no obligation quote?


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