Virgin Atlantic are redefining the aircraft safety video?

Virgin Atlantic are redefining the aircraft safety video?

As we head towards the Spring and those holidays are just over the horizon we all know that if we’re going to get on an aeroplane we’ll need to watch the safety video.  However, how many people watch it or even listen to the flight attendants when they’re going through things?

If you’re one of those people you may be interested to know that Virgin Atlantic as usual are doing things a bit differently!

In order to keep your attention Virgin are changing the dull flight safety announcements for Wild West saloon duels, car chases and even a giant crab!

The airline has released the new safety video, which is a six minute long cartoon that actually runs through some fairly recognisable film genres, hopefully running through the important safety info as it plays.

So what can you expect?

A guy is on an Virgin Atlantic flight and we are suddenly part of his daydream!

During the six minutes, the passenger learns to keep the aisles and exits clear in a Wild West salon before learning how to fasten his seatbelt by a couple of superhero movie villains!

He is then in a high-speed car chase where he learns how to fit his oxygen mask.

For the no smoking rules, Virgin have used a bit of film-noir and a train scene before the sci-fi space thriller genre is used to cover the rules on aeroplanes for electronic devices!

The film is both amusing and practical and should make your next flight on Virgin Atlantic a bit more fun – especially when it comes to the safety video!

Good on you Virgin Atlantic.  Always the first to do things differently!

Take a look at the video here…

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