Turn your daily chores into a fitness routine

Turn your daily chores into a fitness routine

Doing your daily chores can actually burn you a fair few calories! Depending on your ‘active’ time and activity you could be burning anything from 80 to 300 calories during an intense cleaning session.  The best things about this type of work out is it’s free, it achieves two jobs at once and you can do it in your own home.  Making the most out of your household jobs can mean developing your arm, leg, back and abdominal muscles. Does the knowledge that your housework also provides you with a work out make the whole process a little more appealing? The Cheapest Life Insurance takes a closer look into how you can turn your chores into a workout…


Picking up items at home-whether it be clothing, toys or rubbish. Keep your back straight as you bend your knees and hold for 20 seconds.  Do this for each item but remember to build up your hold time as your muscles strengthen.  Start off with a 5 second wait and increase.

Stomach muscles

Hold your stomach as you sweep, mop or hoover your floors.


Don’t waste the opportunity to get moving when you cook. An average dinner may take 30 mins to prepare so put some music on and get moving as you cook. Include spins and steps. If your kitchen is big enough you can really go for it, this work is particularly fun. Why not involve your children too?

Speed up

Increase the pace of your daily household activities such as washing up, hovering, polishing etc. Put on some music and get your whole body moving.


Gardening is a great form of exercise as it can provide you with a good opportunity to work your whole body. Gardens usually contain a variety of heights and tasks to work on. Get in some squats if you’re bending down to weed, tense your stomach muscles if you are raking, and work both arms alternately if you are using water can. The garden is the perfect place to design your own work out.


Tense your tummy and bottom muscles as you hoover. If you want to add on another workout opportunity, move your furniture around remembering to keep you back straight and bend your legs, hoover and then move back.

Get Down

Scrubbing/ washing the floor by hand will burn a lot more calories than using a mop!

Car Wash

Keep your car looking fresh by washing it yourself. You’ll be able to stretch your arm muscles, bend your legs and tense your bottom. Washing a car yourself is an easy way to get your heart going and your body moving.

If your home workout is making you hot and sweaty then you’ll be doing a great job but remember that a workout like this can really be tailored to what you can achieve. If you are older or overweight and you find exercising hard just start gently and build up to a more strenuous workout. Working out at home means you can get some exercise just by doing what you already need to do-a great added bonus.

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