Top tips for finding the cheapest life insurance

Top tips for finding the cheapest life insurance

When it comes to life insurance there are so many different types of policy on offer, that it can often be confusing and take time to find the right one for you and your circumstances.

In today’s blog therefore, we thought we would give you our top tips for finding the cheapest life insurance quotes online and what you may want to consider before you buy. All the advice in this blog is not exhaustive of course, so it pays to check the finer details before you buy, but it should give you an idea and hopefully prompt you to ask the right questions!


1. Where to look for the cheapest life insurance

There are literally hundreds of companies who offer life insurance – usually underwritten by a large insurer. There is absolutely nothing wrong with this and you’ll find that these kinds of companies work with their insurers for the purpose of giving consumers the best deals on life insurance.

However, you will want to ensure that you are not pushed into buying life insurance and should always be on the lookout for any companies that seem to want to make you buy a policy.

Not all companies will be pushy as they genuinely care about you finding the right policy for your circumstances. So whether you’re over 50 buying guaranteed life insurance or you’re looking for mortgage protection, they’ll want to make sure you have the right policy. This is obviously good news for you!

You may want to work on recommendation (perhaps one of your friends or family has purchased from a company they liked) or you can do a generic search in Google for life insurance.

2. Think about how much life insurance you need.

Getting the right amount of life insurance is always important. Perhaps you want to cover funeral costs or you would like to leave a larger financial legacy for your family, should something happen to you.

Whatever it may be, it’s a good idea to think about how much you owe, which depending on the insurance you choose could include your mortgage, any loans and very often, three times your annual salary to leave your loved ones.

You could try our life insurance calculator to get a general idea as to how much you may need. It’s free and very simple to use!

3.  How much you can afford each month

This will be very important when choosing the right kind of life cover and could be the reason you choose level term life insurance for example.  If you need to keep within a certain budget, then again, this will be reliant on the life insurance company you have chosen to provide you with a quote.

A good life insurance comparison service will ensure that what you are buying is within your budget and that it delivers the right kind of life insurance cover for your needs.

4.  Don’t assume that the cheapest is the best

While it’s important to get great value on your life insurance, don’t assume that because it’s the cheapest it must be the best life insurance.   Sometimes it’s important to get the best quality and that could mean paying a pound or two more, but beware any insurance company that sells to you on price alone!




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