Thinking of going vegetarian? You could save on your life insurance

Thinking of going vegetarian? You could save on your life insurance

A recent announcement from a UK insurance company could be good news for vegetarians who are seeking out lower life insurance premiums.

The logic behind this is that people (such as vegetarians) who live a pretty healthy lifestyle are most likely going to live longer.  Therefore, you could be considered an attractive prospect and much lower risk.  This lower risk represents good discounts that reflect this.

According to some studies, up to 90% of the issues that people suffer from are down to lifestyle choices.  This includes obesity, diabetes and a host of others.

It is suggested that initially other life insurance companies will want to assess the success of this programme of life insurance to see whether it’s worth developing across a wider platform.  This will all depend on how many claims are submitted to the insurer.

If it’s lower then it may pave the way for other insurers to follow a similar offering for consumers, so they have more choice if they happen to be a vegetarian looking for better life insurance!

However, it is probably important to point out that specific information about someone applying as a vegetarian will be requested. This is to make sure that someone really is a full-on vegetarian and not just using this lifestyle as a way to try and get life insurance for less money.

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