Things to do before you reach 30

Things to do before you reach 30

At the Cheapest Life Insurance we understand that life is precious.  It’s the main reason we offer life insurance because we know that you are valuable.

So in today’s blog, we thought we would put together a list of things worth doing before you reach the age of 30.  Obviously it’s not exhaustive but you may want to take a look and see whether there’s anything you haven’t done yet!

Decluttering your life

This one is a great thing to do if you’ve not quite got around to it.  For many people the idea of getting rid of things can be hard, but by the time you’ve reached 30 it could be time to throw away those things you really don’t use anymore.

Where sentimentality hits – there are things worth keeping of course, but that top you wore at your 21st birthday party, or indeed your very first games console are probably not going to be things you’ll need to keep.

Buying a home

This is something worth considering as you approach the 30th year of your life.  Of course you may not have the finances to do it, but if you do, then you’re at a point where you can lay some roots of your own somewhere, ready for the next steps in your life.

Get back in touch with old friends

This one is a must.  We all tend to desert our friends when we first fall in love and as a consequence, but the time you get to your late twenties or 30th year, you suddenly realise that your friends are your partner’s friends too.  So take the opportunity to catch-up with people who you used to know.  Some will have been associates at best, but there could be a couple of people you can still get together with now.  So make the effort!


It’s a sad fact that so many people in the UK don’t save.  There’s usually always an excuse for not doing it, such as not having enough money, but even saving a very small amount is going to help should there be a rainy day.

So if you can, try and start saving a regular amount by the time you reach 30!

Sleep a bit more…

Your twenties may well have been about getting out for the evening and coming back the next day with no sleep.  So try and look after yourself just a bit and get some sleep.  Go to bed a little earlier and leave he partying for special occasions.

Get some exercise

One of the glorious things about being younger is that you can eat what you want but never put on weight.  As you hit 30 and beyond you will suddenly discover that the weight doesn’t come off so easily.

Therefore, it’s a good time to take up some regular exercise and to start looking after your body.

Spend New Year’s Eve in another country

This one should be on a bucket list if you’ve not done it.  Spending New Year in another country before you’re 30 will be something that you’ll never forget!  Be it Sydney or New York, sometimes it’s good to see in a New Year with a slightly different view!


If you’re lucky you may have done this in your twenties of course, but if not, try to do a bit of travelling before you get to 30.  As you get older, settle down and have children it won’t be an option that’s open to you so easily so make the most of your time without children!


If you’ve never done it before, try doing it because it will make you feel good about yourself and it could make a difference to someone else.  Maybe volunteer for environmental programmes, or help the homeless.  The choice is yours and it will be something to take in to your thirties with pride.

There are so many things you can do in life before you’re thirty and if no one has previously told you, it really is the time to enjoy living and doing a few things before you’ve got a partner and children.









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