The world’s most unique funerals

The world’s most unique funerals

Well none of us like to think about death and certainly not our funerals will be like, but in the spirit of positivity there are people who take control over these aspects of their life and in some cases the family tries to honour their loved one with a really special send off.

So in today’s blog, The Cheapest Life Insurance takes a look at some of the world’s most unique funerals.

Now we’ve picked what are some of the lighter moments but suffice to say there are as many unique funerals as there are colours in the world…

So what’s the first?  How about a fully kitted out bedroom?


This ia very unique way to give someone a great send-off and must have taken a while to put together.  Although perhaps not that different to how the Egyptians dealt with burial whereby the person would be put into a tomb with their worldly possessions and things to take onto the next life.

How about an ice-cream?

ice cream van






This funeral had the novel idea of offering ice-creams to mourners to keep things positive.  This certainly beats ham sandwiches!

In addition to these there have been funerals where clowns were the mourners (more than a few times) and in one case even a stripper.

So perhaps this demonstrates that dying is not pleasant but that a funeral can be something a little bit special for those who attend and maybe, amidst all the tears they can at least smile a little…

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