The Raw Food diet – the facts!

The Raw Food diet – the facts!

The raw food diet has become an increasingly popular diet recently, with people talking about how much healthier they feel. But is the raw food diet really a good diet plan to stick to? In today’s blog the Cheapest Life Insurance investigates…

So what is the Raw Food Diet?

The Raw food diet is exactly how it sounds, eating raw fruits, vegetables and grains and staying away from cooking food.  Cooking your food destroys its nutrients and natural enzymes. Enzymes are known to boost your digestion and fend off diseases.  Some people claim that by maintaining a raw food diet you can improve your physical health significantly, improve your immunity and fight off allergies.

So what are the pros and cons of the raw food diet?


  • Fruit and vegetables are very low in calories so it is likely that by following this diet you will lose weight.
  • The foods that you do eat will be high in vitamins, fibre and minerals.
  • Although the majority of food that you will consume is raw, heating food is allowed, as long as the temperature stays below 40 to 47 degrees Celsius.
  • Cooking food can reduce its nutritional value.


  • Most people who stick to the raw food diet do not eat a lot of animal products so make sure that you are getting enough protein, iron and calcium in your diet.
  • By not cooking food you could put yourself at risk of getting food poisoning, so be careful with the food that you do choose to consume.
  • Having a meal out can be quite difficult and prepping your food could be quite time consuming.
  • The raw food diet is not recommended for anyone with weak immune systems e.g. pregnant women and children.
  • The cost of the food that you eat e.g. high amounts of fruit and vegetables may be considerably more expensive than shop bought pre-packaged food.


As a conclusion, as long as you are sensible with this diet and make sure that you are still consuming all of the nutrients that your body needs there shouldn’t be a problem trying this diet. For information on how to prepare and cook food safely please visit:


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