The oddest things that you can insure…

The oddest things that you can insure…

We all know how important it is to make sure that we protect our lives, our health, our homes and the contents inside them but have you ever thought about how you would cope if you turned into a werewolf?

Believe it or not these days you can insure anything from your moustache, to a satellite coming down from space and hitting you!

Below are some of the oddest things that have been insured:

1. In the UK companies can insure themselves against their members of staff winning the national lottery and leaving the business permanently.
2. You can insure yourself against being kidnapped. Mainly used for celebrities as kidnapping is a serious concern but this can also be used for people who have a high-risk occupation. These policies can cover the ransom costs to help insure that the person who has been taken will be returned in one piece.
3. Lloyds of London have sold more than 400,000 insurance policies to protect people in the event of being abducted by aliens! To be able to prove that you have been abducted you will need to take a lie detector test or prove that you have been taken via other methods such as video.
4. Think that you have transformed into a werewolf or a vampire? Fear not! There are also policies to protect you against this!

At the Cheapest Life Insurance we cannot sadly insure you for potential alien abductions or transforming into a werewolf but we can help you insure yourself.

It is important to get a policy that suits your needs and your budget. The Cheapest Life insurance is an independent life insurance comparison quote provider and our qualified consultants can help find the right life insurance to suit your needs.

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