The cost of Death and your loved ones…

The cost of Death and your loved ones…

The financial impact of death on your family may seem like the furthest thing your mind when you think about the impact of death itself. But it’s important not to underestimate the possibility that death could have a huge financial effect on the life of your loved ones if it’s underestimated. Yes, death isn’t something we like thinking about but as a reality for all of us, thinking about it now could help our loved ones in the future. Death can come in many forms and it is no forgiver of age, sex or wealth but putting a financial plan in place could help your loved ones when they need it the most.


With average funeral costs of just over £3000 its easy to see how many of us could be financially impacted if a loved one were to die. Yes, the financial impact of a death can be the least trauma but it can cause a lot of pressure and stress. If your death comes at a time when you have no savings, or no funeral cover, who will pay for you to be laid to rest? Will it be your family or the state?

But what can we do?

With Cancer being one of the biggest killers for middle aged women and men, you may want to consider critical illness cover as a worthwhile form of life insurance. Critical illness cover means your policy will pay out if you are diagnosed with a critical illness including some forms of cancer. Often people don’t think about this kind of protection until it’s too late but if you have commitments such as dependents or a mortgage it could help you have peace of mind that your debts can be taken care of or your family will be more financially secure.

The idea of death can be an unpleasant thought for any of us and it’s obvious to see why. We all know it’s going to happen but we aren’t sure of how and when. That gives us two things-certainty and uncertainty. We can’t know what that uncertainty holds but we can put something in place for when it becomes a reality. Many of spend much of lives focusing on our here and now without giving our future as much thought as it deserves. Taking out cover now could can mean your children and family are kept safe if the worst happens and you are no longer around.

Life cover can provide you with a feeling and a reality. The feeling it brings can peace of mind and security for the future of your most loved and it also brings a reality that you are paying into something which can help to provide for your loved ones in whatever way it’s needed, from paying for your funeral to helping pay your mortgage.

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