The Cheapest Life Insurance talks value for money on joint policies

The Cheapest Life Insurance talks value for money on joint policies

Are you getting all you can out of your life insurance? Have you been offered all your options?

At The Cheapest Life Insurance we want to ensure you not only get the service you require but also get value for money. While many websites will only offer you a joint policies, here at The Cheapest Life Insurance we are able to offer a policy for yourself and another policy for your partner, with the benefit of being on the same application and this will also come at a reduced rate.

The reason this becomes value for money is due to you both being covered for your own policy and the cost is generally just a few pounds more a month. An example of this, if you had a joint policy for £100,000, this policy would pay out on ‘first death’ and would then end. With a policy each, it will pay out on ‘first death’ and the other insurance policy will continue to run. This means between you, there is actually £200,000 worth of cover – double the joint policy for just a few pounds.

You might now be wondering why you haven’t looked into this before?…well, it’s not available through all insurance companies and not everyone will tell you about this little secret. You might now be thinking, ‘What’s the catch?…Is it just one type of cover that is applicable?’ There are no catches, just the benefit of value for money and knowing you’re making your money go further.

The good news is that this option can be taken out with all types of life cover too including:

If you would like The Cheapest Life Insurance to give you a quote for any of these options, please click here now and find out how much you could save!

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