Teenage Obesity and Stress

Teenage Obesity and Stress

The likely hood is when we look at someone overweight, whether they be a teenager or not there is more than one reason why they have may have overeaten or gained weight. As everyone is different it’s important we look into the bigger picture as why so many people are now overweight and especially why our next generation are suffering from something which could cause them emotional and physical issues that they carry into adult hood if they remain unresolved. The Cheapest Life Insurance looks at the reasons behind teenage obesity…

Stress can be a big contributor to developing obesity but it certainly isn’t the only reason. Recognizing the causes should help teenagers, parents, friends, health care professionals and researchers to find a solution.

We aren’t all the same-our shape, metabolism, genetic make-up and inheritance are different. We all look different and we think differently. One size doesn’t fit all! The lifestyle of one person may not be suitable for another. If the way you eat isn’t personalized to your situation you could be gaining weight and lose the ability to maintain a healthy lifestyle. The frustration you could feel in this situation is not one that will benefit your health.

The most obvious cause of teenage obesity seems like the more obvious-lack of exercise. A lack of exercise for most age groups will have an effect on the status of their health and physical appearance. Regular exercise needs to be a part of every healthy lifestyle. Exercise, whether it be functional or active, is important. People often get very caught up in thinking exercise means sweating out in the gym for hours on end when in reality it can be as simple as a 20 minute walk each day or there are exercise you can do in your home or garden. Again, tailoring the experience will work best.

When people feel stressed they can turn to other elements of their life for comfort. The problem with comfort eating is you’re unlikely to be craving grapes or Ryvita and more likely to be wanting something like sweets, fried food and chocolate. When your adrenal glands are stressed, your intake of fatty acids and your serotonin levels are decreased the emotional stress of depression can cause you to crave sweets and starchy foods. The effects of stress linked to overeating can prove a viscous circle for people of any age. Feeling stressed may cause you to over eat, which can then mean you gain weight leaving you feeling stressed and craving ‘bad’ food once again. For some, a situation like this can seem never ending and it can also appear hard to change the more time goes on. If your underlying stresses aren’t dealt with it’s unlikely you will maintain a healthy weight and lifestyle. Stress is also linked to alcohol consumption which can link to weight gain as alcoholic drinks such as wine and beer are packed full of calories.

During your teenage years you’ll go through emotional and physical changes that can either be smooth running or difficult to deal with. You’ll start to shape yourself more as an adult. Your beliefs and attitudes about yourself have a close link to your upkeep of a healthy lifestyle. Teenagers who view themselves as worthless, unsuccessful or unattractive are more likely to turn to elements which aren’t good for their health such as food and overeating which can lead to obesity.

Figuring why an obese teenager has overeaten is often something which may not seem like an easy answer to find. There may be more than one facet to it and it can be a difficult subject to be spoken about. Be sensitive and open minded. An obese teenager doesn’t have to be an obese adult. The resources available are endless.

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