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The Dos and Don’ts of Life Insurance When you Buy

There are some things in life that just aren’t that much fun.  Perhaps working isn’t your cup of tea but you know it has to be done, or maybe it’s the weekly shop!  Whatever it might be, life insurance is often something that people do not relish seeking out! However, that doesn’t mean it’s not [...]

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Been declined for Life Insurance?

Here at The Cheapest Life Insurance, we understand that while many people can get life insurance very easily, for some it’s a little more challenging.  Perhaps they’ve been declined due to specific medical circumstances or they have something unique about themselves that makes it so much tougher to get a policy. Well, we can actually [...]

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The Cheapest Life Insurance talks life insurance for women – Part Two

In our previous blog – Life Insurance for Women, The Cheapest Life Insurance discussed a couple of points to consider when thinking about protection for your family or partner. In today’s blog we are following-up with a bit more information on how much cover you may need and also what other things you might consider [...]

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Things to consider before you buy life insurance – The Cheapest Life Insurance

As a company set on making sure we provide a good level of customer service, The Cheapest Life Insurance likes to be certain that everyone who calls us has all the information they need to make the right choice. So in today’s blog we are going to run through the things you should consider before [...]

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The Cheapest Life Insurance – How to get the cheapest quote

When it comes to the cheapest term life insurance, making the right decision could save you thousands of pounds. Therefore, in our blog today we are going to run through some of the things you can do to save money on life insurance and what you may need to know.

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Why it’s never too late to buy life insurance

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Every day The Cheapest Life Insurance hears stories of people who have had to claim on life insurance much earlier than they imagined. In fact, a leading insurer’s claim figures showed that the average age of a claimant was only 56 years of age.  This is perhaps an indicator as to why it’s never actually [...]

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