Strange ways that people have died…

Strange ways that people have died…

While we don’t want to make you feel sad, it’s sometimes interesting to look at the reality of living and how important life really is.

So in today’s blog we run through some strange ways that people have died.  Now before you think this is going to make you feel sad, do think again as we’ve picked some of the most unusual scenarios, demonstrating that it’s not always how you imagine it…

Jimi Heselden, the British owner of the Segway scooter company was sadly killed when he accidentally drove off a cliff on the Segway estate near Boston Spa.

Edward Archbold a man in Florida died after winning a contest where he had to eat cockroaches.  The cause of death was sadly determined to be an accident after he choked on ‘arthropod body parts’.

Erica Marshall, a British veterinarian sadly died when a horse she was treating in a hyperbaric chamber kicked the wall. This kick created a spark from its metal shoe which triggered an explosion.

Lee Seung Seop a young man from South Korea collapsed with fatigue and died after playing the game StarCraft online for a massive 50 hours non-stop.

Sherwood Anderson, a writer sadly died of peritonitis after swallowing a tooth pick at a party.

Martin of Aragon apparently died from a combination of indigestion and uncontrollable laughing!

Hans Steininger, the burgomaster of Brunau, Austria died when he tripped over his own beard.  It was 4.5 feet long which could explain it.

Basil Brown was a 48 year old health food advocate from Croydon and sadly drank himself to death with carrot juice.

Garry Hoy, a lawyer fell to his death after he threw himself against some ‘unbreakable’ glass.  While the glass itself didn’t break (he’d done the trick many times before) the glass did pop out of the window frame.

While talking about death isn’t the nicest thing, it does show you pretty clearly that while there are unlikely scenarios, it can happen.


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