Smoothies and Fruit Juices, Are they as healthy as you think?

Smoothies and Fruit Juices, Are they as healthy as you think?

There is nothing better than a fruit smoothie when you fancy a healthy treat, but are fruit juices and smoothies really as healthy as we once thought? In today’s blog the Cheapest Life Insurance investigates…

Recent studies have shown that smoothies and fruit juices may not be as healthy for you as once believed, down to how much sugar they contain.

Over the year’s smoothies and fruit juice sales have increased massively as everyone wants to eat healthy and feel the benefits. It is also supposed to make it much easier for people to reach their five a day and enjoy the fruit they are eating. However, smoothies can contain more sugar in them than drinking a large surgery coke!

The recent study also suggests that if you were to swap fruit juices and smoothies for an actual piece of fruit three times a week you can lower the risk of getting type two diabetes by 7 per cent! Eating 4 oranges also is much more likely to fill you up than having a fruit juice with 4 oranges in it. Although you would feel full at the time of drinking the juice, most people would not feel as full with the actual oranges and tend to eat more.

Juices and smoothies are also a great source of fibre which most diets lack. Fibre helps your body to feel fuller for longer. However, don’t rule out drinking fruit juices and smoothies completely, if you fancy a sweet drink as they are still packed with vitamins and minerals that normal sugary drinks such as cola are not! Expensive juices and smoothies that you can purchase at a local juice bar are also no healthier than what you can buy in your local asda or Sainsbury’s.

If you do find yourself craving a fruit juice or a smoothie why not substitute some of the fruit with some vegetables such as carrots or celery. This will still taste as great and benefits but will be less sugary and overall better for your health!

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