Life Insurance for Singles


You may not have any dependents but having financial security is still an important part of planning the future.The sooner you start that journey, the better.

As a single person you may think life insurance isn’t as applicable to you some times of life insurance may be of particular interest to your situation.  Life insurance doesn’t just have to a partner or children, it can protect your health and mortgage. If a single person dies without life insurance and has accumulated debit, their family will be liable to make payments on their behalf. You can take steps to protect your parents and extended family.

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If you provide financial support for a parent or sibling, you may want to consider life cover so that that person is taken care of once you are gone.

For single people Health Insurance is a great way to safeguard your wellbeing and pay into something which can provide great benefits. Taking out private medical care means you can avoid NHS waiting lists, be exposed to the latest drugs and treatments as well as choose your hospital, date and treatment. Here at, The Cheapest Life Insurance we offer Health Insurance from PruHealth.

Mortgage Life Insurance protects you’re ability to pay the mortgage if you are no longer able to do so yourself. For single people, this cover means possibly your greatest asset can be kept safe if something awful were to happen.

If you are single, we can help you find the appropriate insurance for your circumstances.

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