Signs it’s time to change your life!

Signs it’s time to change your life!

We often write about life insurance as it’s an important factor in giving your family security, but what about you?

In our blog we therefore thought we’d take a look at some signs you may get that could mean you need to change your life for you and hopefully for the better!

You don’t want to get out of bed in the morning

This one is common if you like sleep, but if you really don’t want to get up at all you could be subconsciously remembering your past life at childhood.  Perhaps you had no responsibilities then

and that’s why you don’t feel like getting up.  Our advice is to get up, get out and enjoy some time for yourself having a bit of childish fun!

You do what you need to rather than what might happen

We are to some degree in charge of our futures and while you can’t plan the unexpected you can plan to do things!  Take some steps to create a plan of action and enjoy doing things because you can and because they might lead somewhere else!

You feel under the weather a lot

If you are tired and lack energy then there’s a good chance you are suffering with stress, which can turn into more serious issues.  If you can feel things don’t feel right then it’s time to get help!

You’re single and everyone you meet just isn’t right for you…

This one is common.  Perhaps you really aren’t attracted to someone, but what if you’re the one stopping things?  You might need to be more open in the way you think.  After all it takes a certain level of communications with someone to find them attractive.  Yes it’s about looks but it’s also about personality.  As we all know…the most beautiful person in the world can become ugly, just as the average person can become beautiful as you get to know them.

You live for the weekend

This one’s also common.  After all not many people would prefer to work when they can enjoy free time.  However, if you really don’t have any purpose in life other than the weekend you might have a problem.  Focus on what you’d like to achieve and start living those ambitions for real.  Suddenly you will feel enriched and your weeks won’t be so tough!

You can’t sleep

This one is so common, especially where it comes to a mind that is constantly busy.  If you can’t sleep there’s usually a reason.  You may well be worrying about something.  Try and reduce these anxieties by dealing with problems head-on and if you can’t deal with it, give yourself a day off!  This means asking yourself if you can do anything about a situation at a given moment.  If you can, just shut it away for 24 hours and deal with it tomorrow.  Just don’t put it off until tomorrow and keep avoiding it!

If you’ve spotted any familiar things associated with the way you are living it could be time to change your life and start changing the way in which you do things.

It’s so easy to get into a rut, but it’s actually surprisingly easy to get out of it too if you try!

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