Sharing your stories…

Sharing your stories…


Here at the Cheapest Life Insurance, we understand the importance of having critical illness cover.  Therefore, recently we were suprised to have one of our own team write an article about their personal experience with critical illness and how it had affected them.

We like to offer genuine stories about real people and are currently planning a ‘share your story’ feature on our website, but in the meantime do read this one.  It was written from the heart.

Critical Events that change your life…

When someone tells you that a family member has been diagnosed with a critical illness, it’s a shock. However, unless you’ve had direct experience it can be impossible to grasp the enormity of the situation and the impact that it has on all those involved.

I lost both of my parents at a young age.  My dad aged 56, died of a heart attack when I was 12.  Literally, I said goodbye to him at 9pm one night as he left in an ambulance and by 6am the next day he was gone forever.  My mum aged 59, was diagnosed with cancer when I was 22, which resulted in 8 months of pain (mostly for her as she bravely fought) and the sadness that comes when you see someone fading away.  She lost her memory as her cancer spread, resulting in her not even recognising me at times. She spoke of future plans near the end, which we knew deep down she would never see. 

My parents dying are the most traumatic moments of my life. The reason being is that you’re not meant to lose anyone before their time. However, that’s the problem with a critical illness, it does not discriminate. Any age, any gender it doesn’t care. It has no concern for who is left behind either. 

When my dad died the shock was like being hit by a train.  However, there was worse to come.  My dad had no critical illness cover, which impacted us all emotionally. Why? Because mum had to return to work for the first time in years, as with no life cover she could not afford to pay the bills.

For my sister and I, this meant we’d not only lost the emotional security of my dad, but we’d effectively lost mum in a different way.

No amount of money can make loss any easier. However, for us, it would have meant more time with mum.

What makes it harder is that I now know 10 years after my dad died, mum would follow with pancreatic cancer.  Had my dad had any kind of cover, we as a family might have been able to cherish the short 10 years mum had left so much more, rather than seeing her stressed and tired all the time through work. 

These days I know what I experienced has changed me and the way I view life itself.  I cherish all those people who are important to me and each and every day is a blessing, no matter what happens.

I have critical illness cover too. It has nothing to do with the financials either, but about being able to live life to the full should something happen. I like to think that should the worst happen, I won’t have to worry about work but can live the dreams we accumulate over time without worry and with those I love the most.  

Don’t underestimate the value of critical illness cover as it really can make a difference to your family for years to come. I only wish my parents had done this as things may have been just a little different…