Settled Family

Settled Family


A settled family is one which has children who are grown up and are leading a more independent lifestyle or have houses of their own. The finance impact on your household is quite probably reduced and you may be looking towards future retirement. You may have paid off a large majority of your mortgage, you may have grandchildren on the horizon or you may have experience a few health issues-this is where life insurance could be a huge help.

The ‘what ifs’ we face in life are unlikely to have changed- what would happen if you or your partner became seriously ill and could no longer work? Would you be able to pay your mortgage? What would happen if your partner were to die, could you carry all of the financial commitments yourself? But the risks to our health will have increased as we get older. You may not have dependents living at home but you will still have financial responsibilities and lifestyle commitments.

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You may be at your ‘peak’ earning power therefore saving for your future and protecting your assets is hugely important. You may be able to pay a greater monthly premium or you may want to take out a larger amount of cover to reflect the amount of protection you need. Over the years, you may have got used to a certain way of living and safeguarding this could be an important part of choosing your path to protection.

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