Raising a Family: Protecting the Future

Raising a Family: Protecting the Future

Raising a family is obviously a very expensive business! When you think about providing all the basics such as food, drink, clothing…you may forget the extras like after school activities, Birthdays, and holidays. With everyday life being as busy and expensive as it is, do we ever stop and think about what would happen if a providing member of the family was to become ill or were no longer around. How would you make ends meet? How would your lifestyle change?

Taking out life insurance is often something we think about when it’s too late, when the worst happens and it simply becomes a ‘what if?’ situation -what if he/she had taken out life insurance? By the time we get to this thought you may have to totally change your lifestyle. The stress and the trauma that occurs during these times are made all the worst with financial challenges. No money in the world can take away what you may be feeling but it can ease some of your difficulties.

There are a variety of different types of Life cover to cover a range of choices and lifestyles. Finding the right one for you is crucial to protecting yourself and your loves ones in the way you want to and for maintaining your financial commitment.

You may be thinking, isn’t it just more money I’m giving away every month? Yes, paying into a premium does mean paying out every month but with life cover available for as little as £5 per month, cheaper life insurance may not be that far away. Each one of us can easily spend between £5-£30 visiting a corner shop, or going to the cinema, or Tesco. But if we take a moment away from the busyness of life itself, could we use that money to protect our futures? Something which may seem like a million miles away but in reality, our future is next week, next month, Christmas, 10, 20 years away.  Life is unpredictable, we can’t choose it but we can help to protect it.

Thinking about serious illness or loss is not something we really want to think about, it is in reality a very scary thought. But if you do have a family, children or a partner-would you want to protect them if you were no longer around? Knowing you have life insurance can give you a peace of mind that’s priceless.

The cost of living has been rising for years and it can be struggle to make things meet-very few of us can say we would be financially unaffected by the loss of a partner or wage. Taking out life cover, whatever you budget means the safety net is there for when or if you need it-like holding a child’s hand when they cross the street. Whatever you choose, don’t wait for something to happen before you think about what could be a reality.





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