Poor sleep – are women at risk of heart disease?

Poor sleep – are women at risk of heart disease?

A recent study has highlighted an issue with poor sleep.  Chronic sleep issues can cause any number of problems for people, but in this new study, which was conducted by the University of California, women in particular face more issues with heart inflammation.  This in turn could lead to heart disease later in life.

While getting bad sleep all the time can be an indicator of heart problems later in life, the study concluded that lack of good sleep regularly can significantly increase the risk of heart disease for older women.

Of course this is one study but there have been other studies that have linked even snoring to heart disease so it’s certainly food for thought.

Inflammation of the heart is often a predictor of cardiovascular health, so if lack of sleep can cause this it’s easy to see why increased risk of heart disease is identified as a problem.

In the study conducted by the University, they studied about 700 men and women with coronary heart disease over a five year period.  The women who had undergone menopause in particular, who also suffered from decreased sleep had more signs of internal inflammation of the heart.

We all know that getting good sleep is vital for the body to regenerate properly and plenty of studies exist that suggest without good sleep our bodies lose out on vital chemicals in the body, which are associated with light and darkness.

If you suffer with bad sleep then it could be time to start considering how it’s affecting your lifestyle and your overall health.

There are lots of things you can do to promote good sleep which include:

  • Removal of TVs, Laptops and iPhones / iPads from the bedroom
  • Blackout windows if you are affected by light
  • Low level lighting when you first get into bed to help your body relax
  • A warm bath before going to bed
  • Reading before bedtime
  • Avoiding caffeine and food near to bedtime

Why not try some of these to see if you can improve your sleep levels?  You never know it may do you the world of good!

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