Over 60s-Staying mentally active

Over 60s-Staying mentally active

It’s important to exercise your mind as well as your body. The Cheapest Life Insurance takes a look at the things you can do to keep your brain fit and healthy.

As you get older you may see some changes in your memory and mental capability but deterioration isn’t inevitable. People who maintain an intellectually stimulating life are more likely to be free from conditions such as Alzheimer’s  disease. Like most things in life, using your brain will help it to work best.

Keeping your brain healthy…

Having a healthy diet can benefit your brain and nervous system. Swap saturated fats found in cakes, pastries, sausages and fried food for healthier food like fruit, green vegetables and oily fish.  Making sure you exercise is vital to keep your mental agility. Exercise can be anything from cleaning at home, walking or swimming. It’s great for your heart to get pumping and your circulation to going. Increasing your blood flow means more nutrients and oxygen is carried to your brain. Exercise also helps to relieve stress and anxiety.

An active brain should keep your memory in good condition. Here are some tip of things that will give your memory a good work out. Some of these can be achieved daily:

  • Puzzles
  • Crosswords/word searches
  • Choose mental arithmetic rather than a calculator
  • Read anything from books to newspapers or leaflets
  • Play thinking games such as bingo, bridge, chess or interactive computer games
  • Have social interaction such as being a member of a local club
  • Enjoying a past time such as gardening is also great for the brain
  • Going out with friend, visiting the cinema or galleries
  • Look into learning something new such as using a computer

As we grow older our mind and body will go through a series of changes but choosing to keep active and healthy should have a positive effect on each of us an individuals. Exercising our minds will help us to not only stay mentally fit; it should help us with our physical and emotional well-being. Deterioration is not inevitable so protect your mind and body as you grow older, much like you have done in your previous years.

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