Over 50s-How you might reduce cholesterol with healthier eating

Over 50s-How you might reduce cholesterol with healthier eating

Maintaining good health into your 50s and over is an important part of staying fit, being healthy and reducing your risk of suffering with health problems.  People who suffer with high cholesterol are at a greater risk of suffering from heart problems into heart disease and heart attacks. The Cheapest Life insurance takes a look at what you can do to reduce your cholesterol and eat healthily.

What is cholesterol? Cholesterol is a fatty like substance which is important for body functioning. The body makes enough on its own cholesterol for what it’s specific needs are. It can also be found in some foods.

What are the dangers? Having excessively high levels can have an effect on your health, not in terms of symptoms but in raising your risk of serious health conditions.

Why should I lower my cholesterol levels if I’m over 50? High cholesterol increases the risk of having a having a heart attack, stroke, mini stroke and suffering with narrowing of the arteries (atherosclerosis). Cholesterol can build up in the artery wall, restricting the flow of blood to your heart, brain and rest of your body. You’ll also be at risk of coronary heart disease.

What could cause me to have high cholesterol?  An unhealthy diet containing a lot of saturated fat , smoking, having diabetes, high blood pressure or having family history of strokes or heart disease. If your family history is linked to the connected medical conditions it seems obvious that isn’t something you can change but it’s certainly gives you an opportunity to make your health as important as possible.

How do I know what my cholesterol level is? You can easily have your blood cholesterol levels tested with a simple blood test by your GP.

When should I get tested?  If you have been diagnosed with coronary heart disease, a stroke, mini stroke or peripheral arterial disease. If your family has a history of cardiovascular diseases or if you are overweight, have high blood pressure or diabetes.

How can I lower my cholesterol levels? Maintaining a healthy and balanced diet is important part of reducing your intake of fatty foods. Substituting foods that are high in fat for fruit, vegetables and wholegrain cereals should help in helping to prevent your high cholesterol from returning. When you are over 50 changing your diet may seem like the last thing you want to do but small changes can make a big difference and it’s so worth it if it means you can help protect your health. See our blog on Tips how to lower your cholesterol for more information. Regular exercise will also help. This doesn’t mean slogging it out in the gym for hours on end. This could mean taking a short walk, gardening, doing chores at home, or even dancing. Finding a way to get some physical activity into your day really isn’t as hard as you think.  If you’re a smoker, it might be time to give up. We all know the health risks, raised cholesterol just being one of them.

If you have implement these changes into your lifestyle and your cholesterol is still raised, your GP may have to prescribe cholesterol-lowering medication such as statins.  If your GP does prescribe you statins this will have been after weighting up the effects of statins against the lowering of your cholesterol.

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