New you resolution… Feel healthier and get rewarded with Vitality Plus

New you resolution… Feel healthier and get rewarded with Vitality Plus

Christmas is a time for enjoying time with your loved ones and celebrating in style. It’s a time to let go and generally eat, and eat, and eat!

As the end of December approaches people will be stuffed from everything they have eaten over the Christmas period and will want to make a New Year’s resolution. Whether they choose to go on a diet, get healthier or just generally enjoy life more they will plan a resolution to stick to. However,  come February the resolution will  normally go out of the window and they will come to the realisation that their resolution is either  too much work, or that they cannot be bothered to diet anymore…until the next time!

But what if you could skip the endless cycle of trying to get healthier and kick-start your way to a healthier lifestyle today?  In  other words, is a plan well executed easier to stick to if you start it early and cut yourself a bit of slack before you set it in stone come January the 1st?

Well now you can with Pru Vitality!

PruProtect’s Vitality programme is designed to help you to not only understand and improve your health at a cheaper price, but with Vitality Plus you will also receive brilliant rewards to help keep you motivated!

Pru are the first ever health and life insurer in the United Kingdom to put healthy living at the root of their products through their Vitality programme. You can add this programme as an addition to your life insurance policy and get amazing rewards, such as up to 50% off monthly gym membership, free weekly cinema tickets and even discounts on Champneys spa days!

Vitality Plus will help you reach your health targets every step of the way, the healthier you are the more reward points you will receive and the more cashback and rewards you will be entitled to!

PruProtect have worked with scientists, doctors and academics in order to create a plan that is proven to make a difference to your health. When you become a Vitality member you will be invited to complete an online health review that will work out your vitality age and help you set goals to a healthier lifestyle. Pru realise that getting healthy is no walk in the park and does take time, which is why they have rewards to help you feel motivated to stay on track.

In our mind, the thinking behind setting up a plan now is that you can cut yourself a little slack over Christmas without the need for a New Year Resolution at all – just the security of knowing that you’re covered, you will get support to get healthy and feel better in 2014!

Why not call the Cheapest Life Insurance to set up a NEW YOU RESOLUTION that will last a life time an take out a Pru-Health Plan with Vitality Plus?

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