New pillow that detects & fights against snoring!

New pillow that detects & fights against snoring!

Snoring is a common problem for people living together and could cause you, or your partner to have a restless sleep, if one of you does snore.   Here at the Cheapest Life Insurance we are intrigued by a recent article from the Mail Online, about a smart pillow that can not only detect snoring, but also ‘nudges’ the snorer into a quieter position. Today’s blog will look at the article and investigate whether or not this pillow could be a great investment for the future of sleep kind!

This pillow is activated by snoring is fitted with a microphone that picks up sonic vibrations of snoring. Once the snoring has then been detected, the pillow will inflate and turn 3 inches taller, which the creators of the pillow believe is high enough to make the snore culprit move either their head or body.

The pillows also have a 30 minute delay setting so that the snorer can fall asleep without the pillow inflating. The microphone is also adjustable and can be adjusted for both heavy and lighter snoring.

So how much does the pillow cost?

The pillow costs £92 and can be bought from Hammacher Schlemmer, which is a New York based, online gadget retailer. The General Manager of Hammacher Schlemmer said:

 ‘The snore activated nudging pillow encourages one to change sleeping positions immediately after the first snore.

‘This will then reduce the chance of prolonged snoring waking your partner.’

So is this pillow worth the investment?

If you or your partner is regularly having sleepless nights, due to one of you snoring than the pillow may be worth looking into. However, there may be some cheaper alternatives that you could try, in order to stop snoring.

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