Neglecting your health – why it’s easier to put it off until tomorrow

Neglecting your health – why it’s easier to put it off until tomorrow

Here at the Cheapest Life Insurance we spend a lot of time talking to people about their life insurance.  As part of this process, we also end up discussing their health. Be it they are life-time smokers or they have some other ailment that has set-in, what we do know is that some things can be avoided.

The fact is there’s no short-cut to optimum health but there are short-cuts to neglecting it.  This includes eating bad foods, not exercising, smoking, drinking alcohol to excess and generally putting your body through the mill.

The truth is it’s always easier to put everything off until tomorrow but it’s really a false economy and let’s face it, once the damage is done it’s very easy to look back in hindsight wishing we’d done something sooner.

Perhaps it’s the fact that the life we enjoy today is the one where we get to enjoy those sugary drinks, those sweet cakes, the portion of chips and the movie we’ve downloaded from iTunes – rather than the prospect of exercising for 45 minutes and having to put our bodies through some kind of physical effort.

So what can you do that won’t be too hard and that won’t be off-putting from the start?

The trick here is to start slow and small.  Even a short walk with regularity will do your body a favour and it will also be the vehicle to the more intensive stuff.  Basically, if you start off small it won’t be long before you are more energised and therefore more able to tackle the harder things.

Equally, when it comes to food, the worst thing you can do is cut everything out forever.  No one can exist on that unless they are seriously determined and even then, there’s always a chance that they will fall off the wagon and end up in a worse state than when they started.

So here it’s about cutting out things that are habitually bad for you and enjoying on occasion those things that aren’t good for you but are okay in moderation.  For example, we all know that fizzy drinks are simply full of sugar. Not only do they contribute to rotting your teeth but they can also make you put on weight.  So why not cut them out from your weekly routine and opt for water or squash.  This is better than the sugar loads from fizzy drinks and it will still help you get one step further to a better you.

Equally, if you’re prone to chocolate, don’t cut it out forever.  Just reduce your consumption.  Instead of a bar every day, why not go for every other day or better still two or three times a week at most.  If this is a change from what you do now, then it’s a step in the right direction.

Whatever you do with your life, putting off until tomorrow what you really should be starting today is not going to do you any favours.  Look after yourself and life will hopefully be that little bit better for you!


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