Movies with a wedding theme…

Movies with a wedding theme…

As we’re approaching Valentine’s Day we thought we would take a light hearted look at films with a wedding connection.

Weddings in film have long been a familiar sight.  Whether they are the main theme or even if the final act culminates in a wedding, for some reason we all enjoy them.

So in today’s blog we take a look at a few successes that present the wedding at its best…

One of the most successful wedding movies of all time is My Big Fat Greek Wedding.  For some this may be a bit of a surprise because you may think of films like Father of the Bride as being more prominent.  However, My Big Fat Greek Wedding turned over more money at the box office than any other wedding movie ever made.  Perhaps what resonated with people is the fact that family can be a nightmare when trying to plan things.  Quickly the bride and the groom end up losing control as everyone jumps over themselves to take over the task of organising things.

Father of the Bride.  The one you’ll probably remember is the Steve Martin and Diane Keaton version, but the film is actually a remake of an earlier classic made in 1950.  We all know how difficult it is for dads to give away their daughters and to cope with the costs of a wedding, but in truth, dads will do anything for their little girls.

The Wedding Singer with Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore is a total classic and even now stands up.  We all remember a love that got away – or indeed a guy that turns up at the wrong time and we suddenly realise we’re with the wrong person.  True it’s extreme but it does happen.  Perhaps its because we really don’t know true love until it finds us.  Once it does, all those plans we thought we had made don’t seem to feel the same.  We’ve met our soul mate and our hearts are alive with a feeling we haven’t previously felt.

Every girl knows what its like to be a bridesmaid but when you’ve done it 27 times as with the character in 27 Dresses it can be a bit too much.  In this rom com the bridesmaid eventually could be the bride if she stops worrying about other people’s happiness.

Finally, this one’s a little different but it serves an important message about love and friendship.  Muriel’s Wedding is all about wanting to be married and perhaps focusing your entire life on a dream, rather than a reality.  In this film Muriel can think of nothing else.  Being married will make her fit.  In reality she doesn’t realise that she does fit when she finds a true friend who accepts her for who she is.  Still a wonderful movie today!


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