Most amazing marriage proposals…

Most amazing marriage proposals…

The art of ‘popping the question’ has moved forward from the days where a ‘down on one knee’ approach.  It seems people look for more and more amazing ways to ask the love of their life to marry them.

In today’s blow we thought we would run through some of the most interesting ones we’ve found. If you’re thinking of popping the question then this may be a great blog for inspiration.  Though you may have to move heaven and earth to see some of them through…

An architect in Manhattan got a wonderful birthday gift when her partner proposed to her a thousand feed above the ground while floating in an airplane cabin.

The trip was for her birthday and involved being in a Boeing 727 aircraft that creates the experience of microgravity as it flies up and down between 24 thousand and 35 thousand feet.

Effectively this means passengers can experience zero gravity.

This was certainly a unique proposal and the lucky lady said yes!  They apparently want their tenth anniversary in orbit!

If you’re 20’000 feet in the air and about to do a skydive, you would be hard pressed to pop the question but one man did.  Mateo Martinez asked his beloved to marry him at 20’000 feet just as he and his girlfriend were about to jump out to sky dive.

We love this one as it’s kind of cute!  The man who asked his girlfriend for marriage via umbrellas!  Sean Palmgren proposed to his girlfriend Betsy by getting his family and friends to carry umbrellas to the park.  Each umbrella had a letter on it and while he and his girlfriend walked through the park she was greeted by the proposal!  Beautiful!

She said yes after she realised the proposal was actually for her!

This next one has to go down as one of the coolest proposals that involved Tom Cruise!

In 2004 the actor appeared on TV in Portugal to ask a woman to marry her boyfriend who was a camera man.  Joao Martins filmed the actor at the Spanish premiere of The Last Samurai and was lucky enough to get Tom to pop the question on his behalf.  You certainly wouldn’t forget that one in a hurry!

For the wealthier men looking to ask girlfriends for their hand in marriage you could follow the efforts of one many who hired a £10000 theatre company to ‘play’ the proposal.

The play called The Romantics was staged in the Ukraine and was designed with him playing the leading man.  He then made sure his girlfriend had a seat.  Appearing on stage in a mask he declared his love for his leading lady.  Instead of turning the woman on stage, he faced his girlfriend in the audience and said; “the woman I love is called Victoria and she is in the sixth row”.  “Will you marry me Victoria”.


Of course a simple proposal is still lovely and if you can’t go this far it shouldn’t matter.  After all you marry for love!
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