More women becoming the main breadwinners…what does it mean for your life insurance?

More women becoming the main breadwinners…what does it mean for your life insurance?

As far as tradition goes, things seem to be changing where it comes to roles within the family home.  Whereas previously men were always the main breadwinners, nowadays more and more women are taking that slot.

But what does this mean for those with or without life insurance?

Any adult with a family unit should ensure that they have sufficient life insurance to cover them should the unthinkable happen, but if you are a woman and the main breadwinner in the household, it’s even more important to make sure you have sufficient cover.  After all, without you, the financial struggle could be intense for your partner, not least because they may well have to return to work and pay for additional child care.

Some studies claim that up to 40% of homes in the UK would not be able to manage on only a man’s income if the female breadwinner was not able to work or even gives up work.  This statistic alone does put in to question then why over 50% of women have no kind of life insurance at all.

These days and in the current financial landscape, it is highly likely that as a family you will have a mortgage to pay but also additional loans, credit cards and even overdrafts.  So not having life insurance is a big risk to take.

Life insurance is a very complicated area but in simple terms, having it could make a big difference to anyone left behind.

If you would like information on life insurance or you would like to get a life insurance quote contact us today and get cover that will give you peace of mind.

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