Money Saving Sales

Money Saving Sales

We’re all seen the pictures of people fighting their way to the front of the sales queue at various different stores around the country. It’s fair to say the pictures aren’t full of peace, harmony or order, instead we see harden expressions, grabbing and greed. With ‘January’ sales now starting on Christmas Eve, it is really worth it or nothing out the ordinary?

Here at the Cheapest Life Insurance we find things that are actually worthwhile purchasing in the world that has become…Sales!

  • Stock up on your Christmas cards and wrapping paper: sales provide great opportunity for you to spend some money on something which can make you savings in the long run. Buying your supplies for next Christmas means you can save money and be ahead of game when that manic time of year hits. Remember you have got them by setting a reminder on your phone, making a note in your diary or keep them with your other Christmas things.
  • Buy gifts for birthdays, celebrations or Christmas: focus your mind by writing a list of names and setting a budget for each.  Shopping for your presents in the sales can mean huge savings and extra organisation which is always a bonus! The key to buying gifts ahead of schedule is storing them in a memorable place so you don’t end up doubling up.
  • Christmas decorations: at this time of year shops are desperate to shift unsold Christmas stock. Whether is an artificial tree or decorations you can just put it your loft for next year. Real trees with roots can be re-potted and used again.
  • Big Purchases: expensive items such as electronics, kitchens/bathrooms and holidays may be sporting large discounts which can mean you save yourself a lot of cash on big money items.
  • Food & Drink: Christmas is full of tasty treats. Buying your Christmas cake, toffees, preserves, wines etc. now means you’ll be able to save money and stock up. Check all use by dates before purchasing and be sensible in the items you choose. A Christmas cake may taste even better when it’s left to mature, a packet of cheese straws may not!


  • Be savvy in the sales to make the most of your pennies and planning.
  • Look at items which can save you time and expense later on in the year.
  • Don’t get distracted by things you wouldn’t normally be attracted to.
  • Take cash with you or limit the amount of cards you take so avoid putting lots of things cards that you don’t need.
  • Look at online sales-you won’t get caught up in the commotion and you’ll be less distracted.
  • Store your purchases wisely.
  • Keep checking discounts-waiting till the end of a sale can be you get an amazing deal.

If you play any sale right, you have the potential to hit the jackpot and everyone knows there’s nothing better than tell your friends and family about how much money you saved!

If you’re thinking about your finances this year we’d love to see what savings we could make you. Give us a call on 0800 6800 205 for your free, non-obligation quote…

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