Losing Weight: A battle with yourself

Losing Weight: A battle with yourself

fruit backgroundLosing weight, just the idea of it can be a really hard place to put your head. You are caught in between what you need to do and how much you want to put into achieving it. But actually losing weight isn’t rocket science and it’s so worth it. The Cheapest Life Insurance takes a look into a battle with yourself…

The world of dieting has become a huge one. It’s a multi-million industry that men and women buy into time and time again. For many people dieting actually becomes a way of life. Dieting is their normal and the ups and downs of losing and gaining weight is just a part of everyday life. But we aren’t getting it are we? The diet industry is forever growing. Is this due new knowledge and technologies or is it due to our increases levels of obesity and the heightened present of unhealthy lifestyles? What we weight has become like a feature of our personalities.  It’s become bigger than the waist lines we’re worrying about.

The real key to losing weight is the relationship you have with yourself, not the relationship you have with food. You don’t have to be hovering up KFC every day to be overweight and you certainly don’t have to be ignorant to what’s good for you and what’s not. Not every overweight person is greedy. The relationship you have with yourself should be your guiding light in your choices and behavior. The hardest part of that relationship can be the resistance you feel against doing what you need to do. There’s actually no need to reach rock bottom before you help yourself out.

We need to focus on achieving what we know is the best thing for us. Whether that’s losing half a stone or losing 5. Avoiding fad diets and finding something sustainable should help us to gain what we’re looking for-weight loss that stays off. If we go into a diet that means we’re back at our original weight 6 months later then we’re not doing the best for ourselves.

Start off by thinking about your end goal and then work backwards. If you can identify where you want to end up you’ll find it easier to figure out how you’re going to get there. Making your end goal achievable and realistic to your lifestyle and situation will also mean your aim is more likely to be met.  The healthiest way to lose weight is made up of two things: exercise and diet.  Diets which rely only on reducing your calories can mean you lose weight quickly but they are harder to maintain and actually you’ll miss out on the great rewards of exercise. Wipe away your stresses, release your frustrations, feel achieved and get moving!

It’s time we stopped focusing on our weight and start changing it. It seems obvious to say but so many of us are guilty of living in a reality we don’t like but we don’t do anything about. Finding out a plan that’s right for you and your long term goal is really important for your happiness and health. Losing weight can be beneficial in so many ways. It can improve our health greatly and it can also bring happiness into our lives that we may have thought was lost. Fad diets will always exist but actually looking at the relationship with have with ourselves should help us to reach further and achieve more.  If we can apply a positive relationship with ourselves to losing weight it’s possible we can apply it to anything…even getting life insurance!

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