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Smoking is bad for your health and it’s obvious to see why. But for smokers wanting life insurance it can be a more costly and time consuming process. Gaining an understanding of how insurers may view you as potential costumer and as a smoker bring up your knowledge level and help you to know what to expect.

Cost to your Health

Smokers put themselves at greater risk of dying prematurely or dying from a serious illness. Research has linked smoking with many kinds of serious illness. Cancer Research UK has found about 85% of lung cancer deaths and a quarter other fatal forms of cancer are caused by smoking. Smoking doesn’t just cause cancer; it can cause aggravated illnesses such as pneumonia, emphysema and bronchitis. For insurers your risk of becoming ill is so greatly encase that it’s likely to have your

Cost to your Wealth

Smoking doesn’t just damage your health; it also damages your bank account. Smokers can pay up to double as much for life insurance compared with non-smokers but not all is lost. You can cut the cost of your premiums if you give up smoking and don’t use tobacco related products for 12 months. Being a non-smoker may mean you get better levels of cover and you can save yourself money.

How much information do I need to give?

When you apply for life insurance you will be asked if you smoke or not and whether or not you occasionally smoke or when you lasted smoked or used nicotine products. It’s vital to be honest right from the start of your inquiry in life cover. If you leave out information or withhold something it could mean that your policy is invalid and therefore will not pay out which can be especially important for your loved ones. Insurers may investigate your claim and through evidence such as medical reports, you may be found out. Here at the Cheapest Life Insurance we aim to find great life insurance for both smokers and non-smokers. Finding the right cover that truly represents your circumstances and lifestyles is vital. Whether you smoke occasionally or you are a heavy smoker, insurers need to know.  But remember, non-smokers are independent from tobacco and nicotine products completely for 12 months.

What happens if I become a non-smoker?

It’s always good to renew your life insurance policy to reflect any changes you may have gone through such as getting married, divorced or being a non-smoker. But remember, non-smokers are people who are independent from tobacco and nicotine products completely for 12 months so make sure you choose an appropriate time to update your policy.

Whether you are a non-smoker or not why don’t you give us a call today and see if we can find you the cover you need so that future looks a little brighter…








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