Life Insurance quote advice – getting a good deal

Life Insurance quote advice – getting a good deal

If you are unsure as to what kind of life insurance policy is suitable to your personal circumstances or how much cover you may need, it can be useful talking to an independent financial adviser. However if you are fairly sure as to what you want or consider your situation to be fairly straight forward, you may prefer to buy online.

Therefore, in our blog today, The Cheapest Life Insurance looks at how you can save money on your life insurance by shopping around.

Shopping around for cheap life insurance

You can buy life insurance from a number of places including banks, building societies, insurance brokers, high street retailers and even supermarkets, so as you can imagine the options can be extensive.

Very often companies actually just sell life insurance provided by a main insurer. For example, Nationwide sells insurance from Legal & General.  Therefore, the price you will pay for your life insurance will vary greatly depending on where it is purchased from. There can also be extensive price differences on identical policies, so where you buy your life insurance policy from will affect how much you can save.

Getting a life insurance quote online

Many online life insurance quote providers pay back to you some or all of the commission they get from their insurers. This means you can save a good amount of money buying this way.

You may also be lucky and get a free gift when you buy through an insurance broker, such as high street shopping vouchers, which is always a nice bonus!

The bottom line really, is making sure you don’t jump in feet first without comparing life insurance quotes, reading the fine print and generally making sure you are getting the best deal.

Beware of very low monthly premiums offered by companies too as sometimes this is just a dangled carrot to get you to sign up. Later on when the premiums rise you will end up paying more.

If you would like a free, no obligation quote for life insurance why not try our life insurance calculator to see how much you might need and try our ‘quick quote life insurance form’. It takes just 25 seconds to complete and you will not be pressurised into buying a policy.  You will be given a quote depending on your circumstances and we’ll leave you to decide what you would like to do!


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