Life Insurance Check List

Life Cover Check List


When you are taking out life insurance it can feel like there’s a lot to remember so here are a few things to check. This is especially important when comparing quotes.

Here are The Cheapest Life Insurance’s 5 things to remember:

  • The amount of cover you’ve chosen-will this be enough to cover your main outgoings and any debt. Over estimating can mean higher premiums and underestimating will mean the pay-out doesn’t cover all it needs to. Be realistic.
  • Are your premiums fixed? Otherwise they could go up and down with inflation.
  • Can you put your policy into Trust? This means pay-outs won’t be subject to inheritance tax and can often be received quicker.
  • Does the type of cover you’ve chosen reflect your circumstances?
  • Does your policy paint a real picture of your health and lifestyle?








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