Jobs where you are most likely to fall in love at work!

Jobs where you are most likely to fall in love at work!


In today’s blog, the Cheapest Life Insurance is going to look at a survey by PayScale, which is a career website. 42,000 workers were surveyed, but only 6% of them were married to a co-worker, although 15% did say that they “would be open to a lasting relationship with a colleague”.


Below are the jobs that where you are most likely to find love according to the survey:


  • Computer and Information Systems Managers
  • Mechanics Managers
  • Human Resources Specialists
  • Actors, Producers and Directors
  • Surgeons and Physicians
  • Claims Adjusters
  • Advertising and Promotions Managers
  • Dispatchers
  • Chefs
  • Food Service Managers


Love between us

Katie Bardaro, who is Payscales lead economist said:

“In general the jobs in which people are most likely to find love at work are those with unusual work schedules; likely due to the fact that they often are working during prime dating hours,”

“Food service managers are one example of this. Being in the hospitality industry they often have schedules that don’t allow for a lot of time to look for love outside of work.”

Some people can most definitely succeed in finding love in the workplace, whereas others may have had bad experiences with dating co-workers which led to disruption in the office. A different study by CareerBuilder shows that 39% of employers admitted to dating a co-worker at least once in their career and 17% of co-workers have dated someone that they worked with at least twice!

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