Items on your bucket list that should have life insurance attached to them…

Items on your bucket list that should have life insurance attached to them…

We’ve recently written about the top things people put into their bucket lists, so in today’s blog, The Cheapest Life Insurance thought it was a good idea to highlight the ones that should have some kind of life insurance attached to them.

While the idea of a bucket list is to do all the things you want to do before you leave this world, it would be a shame to leave early and perhaps leave those behind without some kind of security.

So, let’s take a look at the activities found on many bucket lists that should probably have some kind of life insurance cover…

Scuba Diving

This is actually considered a high risk or extreme sport as it is, so if you have it on your bucket list you might want to consider the impact of potential shark attacks!  Melodramatic?  In 2012 there were 80 incidents that involved unprovoked shark attacks for humans.  Of course, you are highly unlikely to encounter a shark but it does happen!


Another high risk sport and a popular item on many bucket lists.  People do die in parachuting and skydiving incidents unfortunately.  Now while the statistics are fairly low, human error has a lot to answer for. So might be an idea to ensure your life insurance covers this one!

Trips to Hawaii

Now don’t laugh at this one, but were you aware that 150 deaths every year are attributed to falling coconuts?  In fact, the Rolling Stones’ Keith Richards was seriously injured by one a few years ago – so it does happen!  So if Hawaii is on your list of places to go then you may at the very least want to ensure you look up when you walk under a coconut tree!

Running of the Bulls

Now this is not a mega popular bucket list item but people do want to do it.  Running of the Bulls happens in Spain and is something that has dated back to the time when bulls were needed to be transported from one place to another.  Each year, between 200 and 300 people are injured over the course so it’s a highly risky activity!

Storm Chasers

For some it’s lightning, for others its seeing a tornado but as you can imagine this is a highly risky activity.  In the USA alone over 500 people died in 2011 in relation to tornadoes.  The more you seek out the weather, the higher the odds get of you being injured or killed.  Common ways to get injured include lightning, falling debris, road ice, road accidents and hail stones.  So you might want to be very careful.

Of course high risk activities are always going to call for higher premiums so before you go off and fulfil your bucket list, you might be best to check what’s on there and if you are actually covered!

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