Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Irritable Bowel Syndrome

The Cheapest Life Insurance takes a closer look at a medical condition which seems to have become more and more common but how much do we actually know about it? Let’s find out more…

Irritable bowel syndrome, which can also be known as IBS for short, is a common condition which affects the digestive system. People suffering with IBS are likely to have bout of stomach cramps, diarrhoea, constipation and bloating.  IBS tends to come in periods of stress or after eating certain foods. Often IBS begins to strike when the person is between 20 and 30 years of age.

We don’t quite know the exact cause of IBS but experts have said they think it’s related to increased sensitivity of the whole gut. This may be due to a prior food related illness causing a change in your body’s ability to move food through your digestive system or sensitivity to pain within your gut.

Certain foods may cause your IBS to kick in. Sometimes you may not be aware of what these trigger foods are so keeping a food diary may help you out. If you can recognise these foods you should be able to avoid them, eat less of them or find alternatives.  You may suffer more with IBS during periods of stress, recognising this can help you in dealing with any symptoms. It’s worth going to your GP if you suspect you have IBS.  Unfortunately there is no cure for this condition but there is plenty of help and support.  Often even the diagnosis and reassurance from your GP helps to control IBS symptoms.

Living with IBS can be hard but it isn’t a condition which poses a serious threat to your health. Managing IBS is usually done through your diet and lifestyle. The most difficult part of IBS can be the unpredictability of living with a condition that is sometimes there and sometimes not. You could have a sudden flare up after months without any problems. IBS can be painful and debilitating but with the right support you can have a healthy and normal life.

Many people may not know that IBS can sometimes affect a person psychologically. According to the NHS its estimated three out of four people with IBS will have at least one bout of depression and just over half will develop generalised anxiety disorder which can mean you experience overwhelming feelings of anxiety, fear and dread. Don’t suffer in silence if this how you are feeling. Talking to your GP will help you receive the right treatment for how you’re feeling such as cognitive behavioural therapy.

When thinking about IBS it’s important to remember that given the right tools it should be manageable within your lifestyle. It isn’t a condition that can raise your chances of bowel cancer or associated conditions.  Managing a condition like this means taking control of things which you can choose and decide such as your diet. Anyone can experience IBS. Gaining knowledge and understanding of the condition can be a great tool in the beginnings of managing your condition.

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