How to lose those winter pounds?

How to lose those winter pounds?

Gaining a little weight over the winter months is nothing unusual. We stay in a lot more, that cold feeling can see us craving extra treats and the Christmas period can prove to be a whole new level of temptation. Every year, as soon as January hits millions of people decide it’s time to lose the pounds and get healthy. The key to staying healthy and avoiding gain those extra pounds once again is deciding on a plan that’s sustainable and realistic. The temptation of unhealthy treats will always be there but giving in to that temptation is something which you can change.

The start of a new year is a great way to mark a new you in your calendar and in your mind. Getting rid of the things you don’t like and embracing something new. Gaining weight during winter is a reality for some many people-male and female. As the sun begins to shine through our windows again it’s time to take check and decide how to lose those winter pounds? The Cheapest Life Insurance identifies some possible solutions…

  • The weather is improving so get you out and about. A crisp walk in the morning, a lunchtime wonder or a wrapped up wonder in the evening. Fitting a walk into your day really isn’t as hard as you think; it just needs a little planning. Why not get off the bus a stop early? Or park further away and walk in to work? Walk the school run instead of driving it? The cold air may make your nose pink but it’ll also getting your heart going and your lungs will enjoy that distinctive fresh feeling.
  • Have a sort out at home-check what food you’ve got. Winters can often be full of carbohydrates and snacky foods. If your house is full of chocolates and biscuits from Christmas why not some into work to share out or save them for guests. Stock up on healthy fruit and vegetables. Replace your sweet treats with juicy fruits and take the temptation out of your cupboards.
  • Planning your meals and exercise routine is a really positive way to take control of your diet and manage your weight loss. Why not hand write or type your own tracker chart? Include each day of the week, your meals, snacks and exercise? Planning ahead means you can keep on track when you food shop and spend. It’ll also allow you to see where you can improve, change or develop.
  • Don’t get too focused on the scales and not enough on your fitness and health. People who become too focused on their weight can fall into the trap of fad dieting. Fad diets won’t keep your weight off and only offer short term solutions.  Eating healthily and exercising will allow you to lose weight, feel better and keep it off. Don’t be extreme in your dieting and exercising as it won’t benefit your body. Build up and focus! Remember that muscles weights more than fat.
  • Think forward and look to the future! Dropping those winter pounds is easy if you have a goal and you’re feeling positive. Looking towards the future should help your willpower and the idea of saying ‘No’ a little easier.

Losing weight at any time of year can seem like a real battle but when you think about it, it’s a war worth winning. For your health and most of all for yourself.

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