How to cut out the sugar cravings!

How to cut out the sugar cravings!


For anyone who has a sweet tooth, you will know how hard it is to try and cut back on sugar, especially when you crave it! In today’s blog, the Cheapest Life Insurance will look at how to cut out those sugar cravings and go sugar free!

If you have a sugary diet, you will find that trying to cut back is extremely hard, especially when you are trying to be healthier. This is because sugar is very addictive and once you have some sugar, you instantly crave more!

So how can you cut back on sugar?

You can cut back on sugar by eating less processed foods and eat more fresh foods instead. Fruit Juices can also be high in sugar so try to eat more vegetables which as not as sugary. When fruit is juiced, it also cuts out the fruits fibre which is needed to lower the impact of the natural sugar within fruit.

You can also cut back on sugar simply by exercising more. Believe it or not but exercising can also help you to crave less sugar!

Why do I need to give up sugar?

Excessive sugar intake can lead to many health problems later in life. Below are some reasons why it may be a good idea to lower your sugar intake:

  • Sugar does not fill you up and leaves you still feeling hungry
  • Sugar has a high calorific value and a high sugar diet could lead to you being overweight
  • There is a link between sugar and having anxiety and feeling depressed due to the high levels of insulin and adrenalin that is contained within sugar.
  • Sugar damages your teeth and erodes your enamel.

Next Steps

By all means do not give up sugar completely, but it may be worth looking at your current diet and seeing how you might be able to limit your sugar intake to benefit your health.

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