How to boost your self-confidence

How to boost your self-confidence

Here at The Cheapest Life Insurance we know that being happy and feeling confident can have a positive impact in your life.  Whether that’s a promotion at work or being happy out of it, boosting your self-confidence can do wonders for you.

In today’s guide we take a look at some of the things you might do to build your confidence, so that you feel good about life and of course more comfortable around people.

Recognising your insecurities

This is a major factor in building self-confidence.  You have to know what your own insecurities are.  This is really about asking yourself what you don’t like about yourself.  It may be acne, you may have regrets about the past or you may have experienced something traumatic.  Whatever it may be, you should write these down, acknowledge why they’re insecurities and then tear what you’ve written down up.  You then need to tell yourself that you are worthy and that your insecurities themselves are just part of who you are and that overtime they won’t matter anymore.

Talk to your family and friends

Be open about your insecurities and you will find that it begins to build your confidence up.  By talking about things we can usually resolve issues in our minds and sometimes see them for what they really are.  If it’s difficult, get your friends to tell you whether your insecurity is rational or not.  For example, if you still feel intimidated with groups of people and you’ve worked out it’s down to being bullied at school, ask yourself is it who you are now and therefore is it relevant?

If you make a mistake put it down to experience

None of us are perfect and no matter how hard we try we sometimes fail.  Even confident people have insecurities but the trick is understanding that we all make mistakes.  Don’t ever assume that someone you think is confident hasn’t made mistakes or that they don’t feel insecure at times.

Make sure you identify your success

For many people with confidence issues, they always focus on the negative and never the positives.  Everyone is good at something and everyone has achieved things. That award you got may seem insignificant but it’s not.  Inferiority is a state of mind and therefore you need to recognise what you’re good at.  Maybe you’re good at problem solving – this is still a success!

Take a compliment

Many people who are insecure cannot take compliments.  They usually don’t know what to do.  So if someone says you look nice – believe it and say thank you!  It’s that simple.  Do it enough and it’ll become easier to do and in the meantime it will build your confidence up.

Be thankful for what you have

Insecurity can often stem from you feeling you don’t have enough.  Perhaps it’s a car or good luck.  In short, people who focus on these things are never happy because they think they need them to feel validated as people.  This isn’t true.  Money makes a lot of things easier but it doesn’t necessarily make you happy.

Don’t feel sorry for your self

Don’t self-pity yourself because it’s an unattractive quality.  Many people give excuses as to why they haven’t done something or haven’t achieved something, which is simply a form of self-pity.  Don’t look constantly for sympathy either.  Everyone has problems and you are no different to them.  Your insistence to share what you see as things you’re hard-done with is not that different to anyone else that you know.  So rather than feel sorry for yourself, just take it on the chin and move on.

There are so many things that can build self-confidence and you have the power to change things if you’re not happy with them.

Confront your fears and you will never look back. You’ll be confident and you will find that people are drawn to you because you embody all the things that they don’t!

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