How to avoid putting on weight at work

How to avoid putting on weight at work

Spending as much time at work as we do can often lead to the possibility of gaining weight, particularly if you are sat at a desk all day. It’s important our health doesn’t come under fire as we achieve and earn in the workplace. The Cheapest Life Insurance takes a closer look as to what you can do to avoid gaining weight at work…

  • Avoid drinking fizzy drinks-they are often convenient and may make you feel more awake but are actually full of empty calories. If you drink tea or coffee try to cut down and go for decaffeinated. Try drinking more water; it’ll make you feel fuller too so you’ll be less like to visit the vending machine. You can flavour the water with lemon or sugar free squash.
  • Water: drinking water is really good for you and it’s surprising how much you can drink during the hours you’re at work. Drinking water also means going to the toilet more so you’ll also gain the opportunity to burn some calories whilst walking to the toilet!
  • Prepare: if you bring in snacks and food from home you’ll be less tempted to waste calories and money in the vending machine. Sweets, chocolate and crisps won’t satisfy your hunger-in fact you’ll want more and more! Try to replace those treats with sliced fruit, nuts, crackers or even chewing gum.
  • Get moving when you can: take a walk, stretch your arms and legs, bend your knees and have a dance to the radio or music. Even fidgeting can help burn calories and keep your blood flowing.
  • Standing and sit down: if you can do this in your job role it’s healthy to stand up and get moving. It’ll also help your concentration to have some variety.
  • Take the stairs and don’t rely on the lift! This can be an effective work out as it’ll get your heart going and make you feel energised.
  • Build some exercise into your day. If you can’t exercise on the way to work by walking or riding then make an opportunity at lunchtime. Get some fresh air! Walking on your own or with friends can be really beneficial to your health.
  • Don’t bring spare change to work if you want to avoid the temptation of the vending machine!
  • Give yourself enough healthy snacks for the day so you’ll avoid feeling hungry and seeking out food that isn’t good for you. Bringing in your own snacks will help you to focus your mind on eating well and eating less.
  • If you do visit a canteen pay attention to your portions and choices.  Avoid that feeling of being full at your desk.

Staying healthy at work may seem like an obvious choice, why wouldn’t you? But actually so many people struggle with the temptation of avoiding unneeded food. If you have a low period of activity you’ll be more likely to snack so keep you mind focused by moving about, listening to music or doodling. Obviously your choice of activity needs to be appropriate to your work place. Putting on weight at work may be something you don’t even realise is happening so make sure you’re making time for yourself and getting the right exercise and nutrients.

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