How old are you really? Cheapest Life Insurance takes a look at your body age vs your actual age…

How old are you really? Cheapest Life Insurance takes a look at your body age vs your actual age…

The Vitality Age calculator is an ingenious calculator that will reveal your body’s true age when you put certain information into it to calculate.  In today’s blog we take a look at how it works and how it may get you thinking it’s about time to improve your health…

The calculator itself has been developed as part of PruHealth’s Vitality programme and serves to take into account things like weight, exercise, cholesterol, eating habits, levels of happiness and alcohol consumption, along with smoking.

As well as offering you an idea of your body’s age, it also tells you how you can help reduce that age with more exercise or better eating habits for example.

For example, you may be 30 years of age but have a body age of 50, which doesn’t require a genius to work out that is not necessarily a good thing.

And if you are not sure if this is the real thing, a test on former athlete Lord Sebastian Coe using Vitality showed that the 57 year old actually had a vitality age of 54.  Equally Jessica Ennis at the age of 27 came out with a score of just 23 – proving that all that healthy living and exercise has helped keep their bodies young!

What the test has revealed since launch is that one in five workers are found to have a Vitality age more than eight years older than their actual age.  In fact, one in seven workers also found that they lost seven years of life just by not exercising.

The two main factors that cropped up with the Vitality calculator and the way in which it determines your body age was lack of physical activity and being overweight.  If that’s not a recommendation to get healthy then we don’t know what is!

Why not make 2014 your year of health and see if you can knock years of your body age with some minor changes to your diet and exercise regime?

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