Honeymoon destinations…where would you go?

Honeymoon destinations…where would you go?

A honeymoon is probably one of the most significant holidays a couple will take in their lifetime.  It’s the start of their union and after so much planning for a wedding they need a holiday to get over it all!

So in today’s blog we take a look at some of the best honeymoon destinations you can find. All of them have their own unique draw and for some couples they may well want to do something completely different.  What follows are holidays we think are very good honeymoon destinations.  Where would you go?

Kenya is a paradise with some amazing natural settings.  It has pristine forests and with signs like Mount Kilimanjaro it’s definitely a place where you will get some pretty awesome sights.  You can also opt for a safari of course and get up close to some fascinating animals in the wild.  Perfect for adventurers this is a great holiday!

California USA offers some of the most amazing sights you can see.  It’s big and there are so many places to visit.  You’ve got San Francisco, Los Angeles, Santa Barbara for starters – all of which require a lot of time to view.  You’ve got Disneyland and obviously Universal Studios for the movie fanatics.  So as locations go you can pretty much enjoy any type of holiday here.  It has some stunning beaches and being a sunshine state this means you will get a lot of sunshine while you’re there!

Florida is also another sunshine state and is warm even in the winter.  It is a very popular destination for honeymooners, giving you a Caribbean feeling without having to venture too far from the city.
Thailand has become so popular with Western cultures and gets thousands and thousands of them visiting each year.  It is a paradise in so many ways with some stunning sandy beaches and resorts too.  You can opt for bungalows on the beaches or you can immerse yourself in some world class luxury.  A very romantic destination it’s also very affordable!
If you have the budget, then New Zealand is a great choice for a honeymoon.  There is an abundance of beautiful natural scenery in New Zealand.  Waterfalls, mountainous regions and of course it’s famous for being the set of Lord of the Rings.  There’s only 4 million people in New Zealand, despite it being about the size of the UK, so as you can imagine it’s not as cluttered as other destinations.   There are also a number of things you can do here.  Take it easy with some sight-seeing or go off for some adventure.  Bungee jumping is big here!
Now if you’re going to do New Zealand you should also consider Australia.  That’s a life changing experience and a dreamy honeymoon experience.  There are so many things to do here too.  Great beaches mean it’s a great sunshine holiday but you can just as easily get out on the open road and visit the vast outback!  It requires a lot of time and if you’re going to travel all the way from the UK then you should opt for a 3 week or even 4 week trip if you can.
Honeymoons are of course down to personal choice but suffice to say wherever you go, you’ll want magical and of course something you can enjoy as a couple.
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