High Risk Jobs FAQs

High Risk Jobs FAQs


Why would I be turned down for life insurance?

Every insurance company has guidelines to judge applications against. Some are stricter than others, one may decline an application and another may be happy to go for it. Other insurers may specialise in certain areas or type of insurance.  People in high risks job often find it hard to get cover due to insurance companies judging the potential to claim as high, due to the risk on their healthy and life.

Why would I be charged more?

Due to the nature of your occupation and your heightened chances of claiming, some insurance companies make you pay higher premiums to reflect the extra risk you carry. However, we aim to find aim to find you the best cover at the cheapest price.

Will someone insure me?

Some companies are very strict on who they except, and some are much more open. Sometime it can be hard to find someone who will accept you but comparison sites can be great in broadening your horizons and giving you a bit more choice. We will try our very best to get you covered and insured for the protection of you and those you love most.

How much do I say in the application?

It is important to always tell the truth and be upfront and honest during the application process. It is better to include something you are unsure about rather than leave it out. Deceiving your provider could mean no pay out later on. The insurance company knows what information they need and giving them a full picture of your circumstances means exposing yourself to better rates and the benefits of life insurance whilst ensuring you don’t invalidate your policy.

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