High Risk Jobs

High Risk Jobs


Working in an occupation deemed as high risk can mean you may have problems finding life cover due to there being a greater risk to your health and life.

At the Cheapest Life Insurance we aim to find your cover that will fullfill your needs and get you the protection you want. If you have been refused before, it doesn’t necesserily mean you won’t be able to get life cover. Our comparison service is a great way to widen your options and save you time!

High Risk Jobs FAQs

Life Insurance-Fishermen

Life Insurance-Oil Rig Workers

Life Insurance-Gas Industry

Life Insurance-Armed Forces

Life Insurance-Pilots

Life Insurance-Hazardeous Environments

Life Insurance-Working Underground

Life Insurance-Mining

Life Insurance-Working underwater

Life Insurance-Motorcycle and Bike Couriers

Life Insurance-Racing Drivers/ Rally Drivers

Life Insurance-Farming Industry

Life Insurance-Operators of Heavy Plant Equipment

Life Insurance-Railway Workers

Life Insurance-Window cleaners

Life Insurance-Scaffolders

 Life Insurance-Flight Attendant

Life Insurance-Crane Operator

Life Insurance-Drill/Explosives Handler

Life Insurance-Power Plant Technician

Life Insurance-Mechanic

Life Insurance-Bar Managers

Life Insurance-Assembler/Packager

Life Insurance-Dock/Yard Worker

Life Insurance-Executive Chauffeur

Life Insurance-Builder/Construction Worker 

Life Insurance-Warehouse Maintenance/Utility Workers

Life Insurance-Emergency Services

Life Insurance-Electrician 

Life Insurance-Truck/Coach/Bus Drivers









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