Healthy eating in pregnancy…

Healthy eating in pregnancy…

The Cheapest Life Insurance takes a look at what you can do to provide your child with a healthy start during your pregnancy…

Eating well during your pregnancy means your baby also eats healthily.  Even when you aren’t pregnant it’s important to eat healthily but during your pregnancy that need is doubled. Your baby is growing every day and it needs a lot of the right nutrients for this. Overall healthy eating during pregnancy also helps lesson your risk of depression once your baby is born.

It’s common to think that when pregnant you need to eat for two or in other words, have double as much but in reality you just need to eat for you.  Being pregnant doesn’t mean you will necessary gain a lot of weight. Maintaining a healthy weight means it’ll be easier for you to carry your baby and your risk of complications during birth is reduced.  It also means your baby is more likely to be born at a healthy weight and hopefully carry this on as they grow into a child and adult.  As your pregnancy continues, it’s only in the last few months that you will need to add on an extra 200 calories a day. This can come from things like bread rather than chocolate and sweets.

Your diet should include a variety of food groups to reflect the range of nutrients your baby needs to be healthy and develop. Fruit and vegetables provide your baby with vitamins, minerals and fibre. Eating at least 5 day will help your baby to get what it needs. Carbohydrates such as bread, potatoes and pasta should also be included, wholegrain varieties are especially healthy.  Protein such as meat, fish and nuts provide your baby with growth building blocks and dairy products such as milk, cheese and yogurt contain calcium which is essential for healthy bones. Fats and sugar should only make up a small part of your diet.  Don’t forget there are some foods you should avoid during pregnancy such as shell fish, some cheeses, under cooked meat and raw egg. These foods could make you ill or harm your baby.

Make sure you aren’t skipping meals as it means you and your baby could be missing out nutrients you both need. If you are suffering with morning sickness it’s still important to eat little and often. Getting into the routine of planning your meals, in and out of pregnancy is great to ensure you are covering all the right food groups and it’ll even save you a few pennies. Planning your meals should help you to keep on the right track with your weight as you will be less tempted by fatty or sugary convenience foods. There are lots of resources on line if you get stuck for ideas of pregnancy suitable meals and the best thing is they’re free!

Maintaining a healthy diet during pregnancy is really important for both you and your baby. The foods you consume during that time can provide your baby with a great start in life.  It also means your body gets what it needs to cope with the changes and responsibility of carrying your baby.

When you have a baby you start to look at life a little differently. Life insurance can help you to protect the financial future of your loved. If you would like to find out more about your options give us a call on 0800 6800 205.

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